Author: Pascal Serrarens

Using Humanoid Control with VRTK

VRTK for Unity has become a very popular package for creating virtual reality applications. Unfortunately, it is not directly compatible with Humanoid Control. In this post we will explain how you can use the two together to get the best

InstantVR Edge users upgrade to Humanoid Control VR+ for free

Until July 31, 2017 users of InstantVR Edge will be able to upgrade their package to the success of InstantVR: Humanoid Control. If you use this opportunity you can use the form at the end of this page. Humanoid Control

How to use a custom avatar with InstantVR

InstantVR comes with a default MakeHuman avatar, but it is easy to replace this by your own custom avatar. In this post I will explain how you can do this and what you can do to get the best experience.

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Decreasing VR motion sickness with proximity based speed

The most important hurdle for virtual reality to become a big success is motion sickness. In this article I describe a technique that can decrease motion sickness when moving around using controller input. The core of the technique is that

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InstantVR demos

InstantVR Edge The following demo is the Grocery Store PUN demo from the InstantVR Edge package. It uses Photon/PUN networking to enable a multiplayer environment. Furthermore, it uses the advanced physics present in InstantVR Edge to enable collisions between the

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