Hand Target


Sub Targets

Thumb and Finger Curl

The current curl value of the thumb and/or fingers is found here. It is possible to control the curl value of a finger of thumb directly using the slider during play if it is not directly controlled by input. If it is controlled by input, the current curl value can be seen here.



For Mecanim compatible avatars, the correct bones are detected automatically. For other avatars, the correct bone Transforms have to be assigned manually using the Bone parameters.

It is also possible to override the default bones from Mecanim with your own choice by manual assignment of the bone. To return to the default bone, it is sufficient to clear the applicable Bone parameter.

For the thumb and finger bones, only the first, proximal bone is needed, other child bones will be detected automatically.


For the arm bones, it is possible to configure the limits of movement. These values are used when Joint Limitations are enabled (coming soon).

The range of movement of each joint is shown in the scene when the applicable joint is selected.


Show Real Objects will show controller models of input devices where applicable.
Interaction can be set to Pointing or Touch interaction with the environment. For more information about interaction see Interaction, Event System and UI.
Strength determines the strength of the hand when using Full Physics.


Hand Pose the current pose of the hand.
Pointing Object the object to which the hand is pointing.
Touching Object the object when it is touched by the hand.
Grabbing Object the object when it is grabbed by the hand.


SetFingerCurl(Finger finger, float curl) sets curl value of an individual finger or thumb.
AddFingerCurl(Finger finger, float curl) adds a curl value to the current curl value of a finger or thumb.
SetFingerGroupCurl(FingerGroup group, float curl) sets the curl value for a group of fingers simultaneously.
InteractionClick() fires a Click event which is used by interaction when pointing to an object to activate an object.
SetHandPose(HandPose pose) sets the hand to a specific pose like pointing or closed.
Vibrate() gives haptic feedback in the controller when available.