HTC Vive Trackers

Virtual Reality Supported needs to be enabled in the Unity3D Player Settings, OpenVR needs to be added to the Virtual Reality SDKs.


Not supported.

Humanoid Control

For HTC Vive Tracker support, the option SteamVR needs to be enabled. Trackers are supported on any Humanoid Target, including the head. If used for the head or hands, make sure that the First Person Camera and SteamVR Controller options are disabled.

Bone (where available) Select to which avatar bone the tracker is attached
Tracker Object  Object in the Real World representing the HTC tracker itself. Position this to the correct position relative to the avatar. E.g.: on top of the feet.


HTC Vive trackers require the HTC Vive headset. When Furst Person Camera is deselected, the headset is just a viewer of the scene and not connected to the avatar. This enables you to attach a Tracker to the head.

Operating System

This extension supports HTC Vive on Microsoft Windows. Ensure PC, Mac & Linux Standalone is selected as platform in Build settings