HTC Vive / SteamVR

Virtual Reality Supported needs to be enabled in the Unity3D Player Settings, OpenVR needs to be added to the Virtual Reality SDKs.


HTC Vive is supported in InstantVR version 3.4 and higher. Steam VR controllers are only supported in InstantVR Advanced and Edge version 3.4 and higher.

The script IVR_SteamVR needs to be added to the character GameObject with the InstantVR script.

Button Input  is supported through the InputHandler script.

Humanoid Control

For SteamVR Controller support, the option SteamVR needs to be enabled. This is also needed for using Vive Trackers.

Head Target Ensure that First Person Camera is selected for headset support on the avatar
Hand Targets SteamVR Controller needs to be selected for SteamVR Controller support. Button input is supported through the Controller Input script.


HTC Vive DK, Pre and Consumer version are supported

Operating System

This extension supports HTC Vive on Microsoft Windows. Ensure PC, Mac & Linux Standalone is selected as platform in Build settings