Microsoft HoloLens


Microsoft HoloLens is supported in Humanoid Control VR, VR+ and Pro.


Microsoft HoloLens and HoloLens Emulator are supported

Operating System

This extension support HoloLens on Microsoft Windows 10.


If Humanoid Control comes in multiple package, you will need the Humanoid Control Core and Humanoid Oculus packages installed.
Note: HoloLens is currently incompatible with the Humanoid SteamVR package because the included SteamVR package does not support the Windows Store platform.

Build Settings should be set to the following:

  • Platform: Windows Store
  • SDK: Universal 10
  • Target Device: HoloLens

Virtual Reality Supported should be checked in Edit Menu->Project Settings->Other Settings and the HoloLens SDK should be added to the Virtual Reality SDKs.

First Person Camera should be enabled for HoloLens support. The camera settings can be adjusted for hololens by changing the settings of the camera attached to the Head Target. Suggested settings are:

  • Clear Flags: Solid Color
  • Background: black (0,0,0,0)


Networking is work in progress and is therefore not supported yet.