Oculus Touch

The Oculus Touch controllers can be combined with the Oculus Rift CV1 to achieve high precision hand tracking with additional input buttons and sticks.

The input buttons can be used in InstantVR for limited hand movements.



Oculus Touch is supported in InstantVR Advanced and Edge version 3.6 and higher.

The script IVR_Touch should be added to the character’s GameObject.

Humanoid Control

The controllers option Oculus Touch need to be enabled for Touch support. This option is only available if Virtual Reality Supported is enabled in the Player Settings.


Oculus Rift CV1 with at least two sensors is required

Operating System

Oculus Touch is only supported on Microsoft Windows .Ensure PC, Mac & Linux Standalone is selected as platform in Build settings


Unity 5.4.0f1 or higher is required.


Hand Targets

Full positional and rotational tracking is supported. Full positional tracking is only working when the controllers are seen by at least one Oculus sensor.

Controller input

The buttons of the Touch controller can be accessed using the Game Controller Input. The buttons are mapped as follows:

Left Controller
X button controller.left.buttons[0]
Y button controller.left.buttons[1]
Menu button controller.left.option
Stick touch controller.left.stickTouch
Stick press controller.left.stickButton
Stick movements controller.left.stickHorizontal/stickVertical
Bumper controller.left.bumper
Trigger controller.left.trigger
Right Controller
A button controller.right.buttons[0]
B button controller.right.buttons[1]
Oculus button controller.right.option
Stick touch controller.right.stickTouch
Stick press controller.right.stickButton
Stick movements controller.right.stickHorizontal/stickVertical
Bumper controller.right.bumper
Trigger controller.right.trigger

Finger Movements

Finger movements can be enabled using the Finger Movements option in the InputHandler script which maps the Touch buttons to appropriate hand movements.