Perception Neuron

Full body tracking is supported with Perception Neuron up to 32 bones.



Perception Neuron is not supported in InstantVR

Humanoid Control

In the Humanoid Control script, make sure you have Perception Neuron enabled


Perception Neuron with up to 32 neurons is supported.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows is required.

Axis Neuron

Axis Neuron software is required to support Perception Neuron. In the Settings-Broadcasting, make sure that BVH is enabled in Binary format, without Use old header. ServerPort needs to be set to 7001. The protocol needs to be set to TCP.


Neuron can be enabled separately for the head, hand, hips and foot targets. Disabling Neuron on one of these targets will disable tracking of the complete body part associated to that target. E.g. the hand will control the full arm including the shoulder.

Finger Movements

Finger movements can be tracked directly from the Neuron sensors on the hand.