Razer Hydra

The Razer Hydra offers high precision hand tracking with additional input buttons and sticks.

The input buttons can be used in InstantVR for limited hand movements.



Razer Hydra is supported in InstantVR Advanced and Edge version 1.0 and higher.

The script IVR_Hydra should be added to the character’s GameObject.


Razer Hydra hardware is supported.

Operating System

Razer Hydra is only supported on Microsoft Windows.


Unity 5.1.2f1 or higher is required.

The package requires the sixense.dll in order to support the Razer Hydra. Due to license limitations this file may not be included in the distribution. You can download the file from the Unity Asset Store.


Hand Targets

Full positional and rotational tracking is supported. Note however that the range of the trackers is quite limited and that the tracking will get significantly less accurate at a distance of 1 meter from the base station.

The sensitivity can be set for each hand target. Default setting = (0.0008, 0.0008, 0.0008).


The position of the Hydra base station can be set in the IVR_Hydra script. This will remove the need to calibrate manually every time. This Tracker Position is relative to the player’s position. If the base station is 0.5 meter in front of the player and 0.8 meter from the ground, 0.2 meter to the left, the Tracker Position should be set to x = -0.2, y = 0.8, z = 0.5.

The targets tracking can be recalibrated manually by pressing the Option button on both Hydra controllers simultaneously. Then, the real world hand should be placed at the same location as the virtual hand appear to be. If that is the case, both Triggers of the Hydra controllers should be pressed together once which will start the tracking again.

Hand Movements

The InputHandler example script implements a mapping from the Touch controller buttons to finger movements. The option Finger Movements needs to be enabled for this.

Left Hand
Thumb left Touch stick touch;
Index finger left bumper
Middle finger left trigger
Ring finger left trigger
Little finger left trigger
Right Hand
Thumb right 1/3 buttons
Index finger right bumper
Middle finger right trigger
Ring finger right trigger
Little finger right trigger

Other Movements

Walking left analog stick forward/backward
Sidestepping or character rotation* left analog stick left/right. * = Depends on the settings in the IVR_Walking script.
Head Rotation right analog stick left/right. Only when IVR_TraditionalHead is active for the head Target.