Adding virtual reality to Unity: InstantVR Advanced overview

Adding virtual reality to Unity: InstantVR Advanced overview

I have created a video which gives an overview of InstantVR Advanced, demonstrating its flexibility and ease of use. This includes:

  • Body movements, walking around and grabbing objects
  • The various controller options: Oculus Rift, Razer Hydra, mouse/keyboard, xbox controller
  • Replacing the avatar by your own and adding colliders to the hands
  • Object grabbing, including handles and interactive objects

You can see that it is possible to add an interactive avatar by dragging just one prefab into your scene. The way the avatar is controlled depends on the input controllers available to the player. The best experience is reached when an Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra are available, but other options are available like Oculus Rift + game controller or just a Razer Hydra. The package will automatically select the best combination with the basic mouse/keyboard as the bottom option. I have planned more input options including Kinect and Sixense STEM.

In the video you can also see that it is easy to replace the default avatar by your own. The most important requirement is that it has a good Mecanim rig. If you want to be able to grab object you will need to add colliders to the hands manually, because avatar hand differ greatly.

Finally I show the different kinds of objects which can be grabbed. When the Razer Hydra is available every non-kinematic rigidbody can be picked up. For specific objects you have the option to add a ‘handle’ which forces the object in a specific position and orientation when it is picked up within the range of the handle. Objects with handles can also be picked up without the Hydra available: a procedural animation is used in that case. Finally I show how scripting can be used to add a specific interactive behaviour like a gun orientation following the look direction.