Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Passer.ControllerEventHandlers Class Reference


A list of EventHandlers for takeing care of controller input

Inheritance diagram for Passer.ControllerEventHandlers:
Passer.EventHandlers< ControllerEventHandler >

Public Member Functions

 ControllerEventHandlers ()
 Create new ControllerEventHandlers
void Clear ()
void SetMethod (EventHandler.Type eventType, UnityAction voidEvent)
void SetMethod (EventHandler.Type eventType, UnityAction< bool > boolEvent)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Cleanup (ControllerEventHandlers[] eventHandlers)
 Cleanup the eventHandlers More...

Public Attributes

string defaultParameterProperty
 For future use...
int id
 The id of the event handler
string label
 The label or name of the Event Handlers
string tooltip
 The tooltip text for the Event Handlers
string[] eventTypeLabels
 The labels for the EventHandler.Type to use in the GUI
string fromEventLabel
 For future use...
List< T > events
 The EventHandlers

Static Protected Attributes

static string[] controllerEventTypeLabels


float floatValue [getset]
 The float input value for the controller event

Member Function Documentation

◆ Cleanup()

static void Passer.ControllerEventHandlers.Cleanup ( ControllerEventHandlers[]  eventHandlers)

Cleanup the eventHandlers

This will remove all EventHandlers for which isDead is true.

eventHandlersThe array of eventHandlers to clean.

Member Data Documentation

◆ controllerEventTypeLabels

string [] Passer.ControllerEventHandlers.controllerEventTypeLabels
Initial value:
= new string[] {
"On Press",
"On Release",
"While Down",
"While Up",
"On Change",

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