Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Passer.Humanoid.CustomTorso Class Reference


A custom sensor used on the torso of a humanoid.

This tracking option supports a custom developed SensorComponent for the torso.

Inheritance diagram for Passer.Humanoid.CustomTorso:

Public Types

enum  ID {
  Head , LeftHand , RightHand , Hips ,
  LeftFoot , RightFoot , Tracker1 , Tracker2 ,
  Tracker3 , Tracker4 , Count

Public Member Functions

override void SetSensor2Target ()
 Updates the torso targets based on the current sensor position and rotation
override void UpdateSensorTransformFromTarget (Transform _)
 Updates the sensor position and rotation based on the current position of the torso targets More...
override void Start (HumanoidControl _humanoid, Transform targetTransform)
 Prepares the torso for tracking with the sensor More...
override void Update ()
 Updates the torso targets based on the status of the tracked sensor More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Rotation CalculateBoneRotation (Vector bonePosition, Vector parentBonePosition, Vector upDirection)

Public Attributes

TorsoBones attachedBone = TorsoBones.Hips
 The bone on the torso controlled by the sensor
TargetData chest
TargetData spine
TargetData hips
DeviceView device
 The device to which the sensor belongs
Tracker.Status status = Tracker.Status.Unavailable
 Status of the sensor

Protected Member Functions

void UpdateSensor ()

Protected Attributes

Vector _localSensorPosition
Rotation _localSensorRotation
Vector _sensorPosition
Rotation _sensorRotation
float _positionConfidence
 Tracking confidence
float _rotationConfidence
Vector _sensor2TargetPosition =
 The position of the tracker relative to the origin of the object it is tracking
Rotation _sensor2TargetRotation = Rotation.identity


override string name [get]
override HumanoidTracker tracker [get]
Vector localSensorPosition [get]
Rotation localSensorRotation [get]
Vector sensorPosition [get]
Rotation sensorRotation [get]
float positionConfidence [get]
float rotationConfidence [get]
Vector sensor2TargetPosition [getset]
Rotation sensor2TargetRotation [getset]

Member Function Documentation

◆ UpdateSensorTransformFromTarget()

override void Passer.Humanoid.CustomTorso.UpdateSensorTransformFromTarget ( Transform  _)

Updates the sensor position and rotation based on the current position of the torso targets

_Not used

◆ Start()

override void Passer.Humanoid.CustomTorso.Start ( HumanoidControl  _humanoid,
Transform  targetTransform 

Prepares the torso for tracking with the sensor

_humanoidThe humanoid for which this torso is tracked
targetTransformThe transform of the hips target

It will initialze the sensor2TargetPosition and sensor2TargetRotation values. It will determine whether the sensor should be shown and rendered. It will start the tracking of the sensor.

◆ Update()

override void Passer.Humanoid.CustomTorso.Update ( )

Updates the torso targets based on the status of the tracked sensor

Reimplemented from Passer.Humanoid.Tracking.Sensor.

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