Humanoid Control for Unity  v3
Passer.Humanoid.HipsTarget Class Reference

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Humanoid Control options for torso related stuff

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Public Member Functions

override void InitSensors ()
override void StartSensors ()
override Transform GetDefaultTarget (HumanoidControl humanoid)
void RetrieveBones ()
override void InitAvatar ()
override void InitComponent ()
override void StartTarget ()
override void MatchTargetsToAvatar ()
override void UpdateTarget ()
override void UpdateMovements (HumanoidControl humanoid)
override void CopyTargetToRig ()
override void CopyRigToTarget ()
void UpdateSensorsFromTarget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static HipsTarget CreateTarget (HumanoidTarget oldTarget)
static HipsTarget SetTarget (HumanoidControl humanoid, Transform targetTransform, bool isLeft)
static bool IsInitialized (HumanoidControl humanoid)
static void DetermineTarget (HumanoidControl humanoid)
 Checks whether the humanoid has an HipsTarget and adds one if none has been found More...

Public Attributes

float hipsBaseHeight
bool newSpineIK = false
TorsoMovements torsoMovements = new TorsoMovements()
TorsoAnimator torsoAnimator = new TorsoAnimator()
ViveTrackerTorso viveTracker = new ViveTrackerTorso()
PerceptionNeuronTorso neuron = new PerceptionNeuronTorso()
Kinect1Torso kinect1 = new Kinect1Torso()
Kinect2Torso kinect2 = new Kinect2Torso()
Kinect4Torso kinect4 = new Kinect4Torso()
AstraTorso astra = new AstraTorso()
OptitrackTorso optitrack = new OptitrackTorso()
TargetedChestBone chest = null
TargetedSpineBone spine = null
TargetedHipsBone hips = null
float bendingFactor = 1
float torsoLength
Quaternion spine2HipsRotation

Static Public Attributes

const float maxSpineAngle = 20
const float maxChestAngle = 20

Protected Member Functions

override void UpdateSensors ()
Quaternion DetermineSpine2HipsRotation ()
override void DrawTargetRig (HumanoidControl humanoid)
override void DrawAvatarRig (HumanoidControl humanoid)


override Passer.Sensor animator [get]
override TargetedBone main [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ DetermineTarget()

static void Passer.Humanoid.HipsTarget.DetermineTarget ( HumanoidControl  humanoid)

Checks whether the humanoid has an HipsTarget and adds one if none has been found

humanoidThe humanoid to check

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