Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Passer.Site Class Reference


With this component you can make a Humanoid Site which can be build using SiteBuilder.

This component has currently no parameters. To make a scene into a site, just add an (empty) GameObject with the Site component attached into your scene. Make sure there are no camera's in the scene, because the camera of the Visitor will be used.

When used in the editor, you can just start the scene with the Play button at the top. A Visitor will then be launched for the site so that you can test it. The type of Visitor is selected in the Humanoid::HumanoidPreferences.

You can build a site by selecting the File->Build Sites menu. This will launch the SiteBuilder.

It is possible to determine the place where the Visitor will appear by adding a Humanoid::HumanoidSpawnPoint component to the scene

By default sites are single-user. This means that when a Visitor visits a site, other visitors on the same site at the same time will not be visible. It is possible to make a multi-user site by adding a NetworkingStarter component to the site. In that case visitors will see all other visitors on the same site at that moment. When Photon Voice is used, visitors will also be able to talk to each other.

Example sites can be found in Assets/Passer/Sites/

4.0 and higher

Inherits MonoBehaviour.

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