Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Passer.Target Class Referenceabstract


A main tracking transform

Inheritance diagram for Passer.Target:
Passer.Humanoid.HumanoidTarget Passer.Humanoid.FootTarget Passer.Humanoid.HandTarget Passer.Humanoid.HeadTarget Passer.Humanoid.HipsTarget

Public Member Functions

virtual void InitComponent ()
abstract void StartTarget ()
abstract void InitSensors ()
virtual void StartSensors ()
virtual void StopSensors ()
abstract void InitializeTrackingConfidence ()
 Sets the tracking confidence before all tracking information is updated More...
abstract void UpdateTarget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static List< Collider > SetColliderToTrigger (GameObject obj)
static List< Collider > SetColliderToTrigger (Rigidbody rb)
static void UnsetColliderToTrigger (List< Collider > colliders)
static void UnsetColliderToTrigger (List< Collider > colliders, Collider collider)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void UpdateSensors ()

Protected Attributes

bool _showRealObjects = true


virtual bool showRealObjects [getset]
 show the target meshes

Member Function Documentation

◆ InitializeTrackingConfidence()

abstract void Passer.Target.InitializeTrackingConfidence ( )
pure virtual

Sets the tracking confidence before all tracking information is updated

Implemented in Passer.Humanoid.FootTarget, Passer.Humanoid.HandTarget, Passer.Humanoid.HeadTarget, and Passer.Humanoid.HipsTarget.

◆ UpdateTarget()

abstract void Passer.Target.UpdateTarget ( )
pure virtual

Implemented in Passer.Humanoid.HeadTarget.

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