Humanoid Control for Unity v4
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Passer.Humanoid.IHumanoidNetworking Interface Reference


Interface for Humanoid Networking functions

Inherited by Passer.Humanoid.HumanoidPlayer, Passer.Humanoid.HumanoidPlayer, and Passer.Humanoid.HumanoidPlayer.

Public Member Functions

void Send (bool b)
void Send (byte b)
void Send (int x)
void Send (float f)
void Send (Vector3 v)
void Send (Quaternion q)
bool ReceiveBool ()
byte ReceiveByte ()
int ReceiveInt ()
float ReceiveFloat ()
Vector3 ReceiveVector3 ()
Quaternion ReceiveQuaternion ()
ulong GetObjectIdentity (GameObject obj)
GameObject GetGameObject (ulong objIdentity)
void InstantiateHumanoid (HumanoidControl humanoid)
void DestroyHumanoid (HumanoidControl humanoid)
void UpdateHumanoidPose (HumanoidControl humanoid)
void Grab (HandTarget handTarget, GameObject obj, bool rangeCheck, HandTarget.GrabType grabType=HandTarget.GrabType.HandGrab)
void LetGo (HandTarget handTarget)
void ChangeAvatar (HumanoidControl humanoid, string remoteAvatarName, string possessionLocation=null)
void SyncTrackingSpace (HumanoidControl humanoid)
void DebugLog (string s)
void DebugWarning (string s)
void DebugError (string s)
void ReenableNetworkSync (GameObject obj)
void DisableNetworkSync (GameObject obj)


float sendRate [get]
HumanoidNetworking.DebugLevel debug [get]
HumanoidNetworking.Smoothing smoothing [get]
bool createLocalRemotes [getset]
bool isLocal [get]
ulong nwId [get]
bool syncFingerSwing [get]
bool syncTracking [getset]
bool fuseTracking [get]
List< HumanoidControlhumanoids [get]
HumanoidNetworking.HumanoidPose lastHumanoidPose [getset]

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