Humanoid Control for Unity  v3
Passer.Humanoid Namespace Reference


class  AvatarManager
 Manage avatar meshes for a humanoid More...
class  FootTarget
 Humanoid Control options for leg related stuff More...
class  HandSocket
 A Socket attached to a hand More...
class  HandTarget
 Humanoid Control options for hand-related stuff More...
class  HeadTarget
 Humanoid Control options for head-related stuff More...
class  HipsTarget
 Humanoid Control options for torso related stuff More...
class  HumanoidButton
 Unity UI button with information on which humanoid pressed the button More...
class  HumanoidControl
 Control avatars using tracking and animation options More...
class  HumanoidNetworking
 Humanoid Networking More...
class  HumanoidSpawner
 Component for spawning humanoids More...
class  HumanoidTracker
 A tracker More...
interface  IHandGrabEvents
 Interface for handling grabbing events on objects More...
interface  IHandTouchEvents
 Interface for handling touch events on objects More...
interface  IHandTriggerEvents
 Interface for handling touch events on objects More...
interface  IHumanoidNetworking
 Interface for Humanoid Networking functions More...
class  OpenVRBaseStation
 An OpenVR subtracker More...
class  OpenVRHandSkeleton
 An OpenVR hand skeleton More...
class  Telegrabber
 Have a humaonid grab objects from a distance More...


enum  NetworkingSystems {
  None, UnityNetworking, PhotonNetworking, PhotonBolt,
enum  LegBones { UpperLeg, LowerLeg, Foot, Toes }
enum  ArmBones { Hand, Forearm, UpperArm, Shoulder }
enum  HandBones {
  ThumbProximal = 0, ThumbIntermediate = 1, ThumbDistal = 2, IndexProximal = 3,
  IndexIntermediate = 4, IndexDistal = 5, MiddleProximal = 6, MiddleIntermediate = 7,
  MiddleDistal = 8, RingProximal = 9, RingIntermediate = 10, RingDistal = 11,
  LittleProximal = 12, LittleIntermediate = 13, LittleDistal = 14, LastHandBone = 15


override void CheckSensor (HandTarget handTarget)
override void Init (HandTarget handTarget)
override void Start (HumanoidControl _humanoid, Transform targetTransform)
override void CreateSensorTransform ()
override HandSkeleton FindHandSkeleton (bool isLeft)
override HandSkeleton CreateHandSkeleton (bool isLeft, bool showRealObjects)
override void Update ()
void CalculateHandPosition ()
override void Vibrate (float length, float strength)
override void UpdateHandFromSkeleton ()
override void UpdateFingerBoneFromSkeleton (Transform targetTransform, Finger finger, FingerBone fingerBone)


readonly Vector3 defaultLeftPosition = new Vector3(-0.1F, -0.05F, 0.04F)
readonly Quaternion defaultLeftRotation = Quaternion.Euler(180, 90, 90)
readonly Vector3 defaultRightPosition = new Vector3(0.1F, -0.05F, 0.04F)
readonly Quaternion defaultRightRotation = Quaternion.Euler(180, -90, -90)