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This article uses Humanoid Control version 3. In the previous article we creates a gun with a sliding barrel. In this article we show how we can create a pump-action gun using similar techniques. The model For the article we

In the previous pose Creating a Gun we created a working gun. In this article we show how you can add a sliding barrel which moves backward every time the gun is fired. The Barrel In the gun we created,

This article uses Humanoid Control version 3. With the functionality available in our products it is easy to create interactive objects. In this article we show you how you can create a working pistol gun. For this tutorial, we will

Humanoid Control supports grabbing and dropping objects in a natural way. This article describes how this works and how you can tailor this to your needs. Grabbing Humanoids are able to hold objects in their hands when more than one

In the introductory video for networking with Humanoid Control, all players have the same avatar. But in most cases you want players to look different from each other. This article describes how you can do this. The article describes two different