Category: Humanoid Control

Grabbing objects for humanoids

Humanoid Control supports grabbing and dropping objects in a natural way. This article describes how this works and how you can tailor this to your needs. Grabbing Humanoids are able to hold objects in their hands when more than one

Different Humanoids for Networked Players

In the introductory video for networking with Humanoid Control, all players have the same avatar. But in most cases you want players to look different from each other. This article describes how you can do this. The article describes two different

Colliders on the Humanoid’s feet

Would it be nice to be able to kick against some Rigidbodies in a scene like a ball? Although Humanoid control provides full physics on the hands, colliders on the feet take a bit more effort. But this article will

Detached Hands with Humanoid Control

Humanoid Control supports full body avatars, but sometimes you just want to use hands. This article explains how you can use rigged hands without a body.

Foot step sounds for a Humanoid

One of the requests for Humanoid Control was to implement audio clips being played for every footstep such that you can hear yourself walking. With the new Foot Input functionality you can do this very easy, without programming! TL;DR Add