Create your virtual experiences together with Passer VR

Create your virtual experiences together with Passer VR
Passer VR

The goal of Passer VR is to provide software components which support virtual reality developers in their quest to realize the most immersive environments possible.

The current focus of Passer VR is on modelling the dynamics of the human body and the interaction with the environment. Most virtual reality games and demos do not implement the players body, because it is not very straightforward to do, especially when it also needs to interact with its environment. The solutions of Passer VR like the InstantVR and the upcoming Humanoid Control packages will solve this: they provide the necessary components to support trackers, implement realistic body movements and interactions with the virtual world like colliding with walls, grabbing objects and controlling levers.

The origins of Passer VR are found in an attempt to realize virtual time travel. We found out that just modelling an environment was not enough to experience the past at its best. You want to be able to do the same things you do in the real world: open doors, operate the handle of the water pump, carry a bucket of water, meet people, ride a horse to name a few. Although the actions themselves are ordinary, implementing them in a gaming environment in an efficient and realistic way is not. Passer VR tackles these issues and provides the powerful solutions in a way that it is easy to use.

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