Humanoid Control

Getting Started

Setup There are two ways to include an humanoid into a scene: starting with an avatar and starting with the Humanoid Control script. Starting with an avatar In this case you start by putting an avatar prefab into the scene.

The Real World

One of the children of the Humanoid Control script is called Real World. All objects inside this GameObject are representations of real-world objects. Tracker Objects One of the most important real world objects are the Tracker Objects. These are things

Humanoid Control

Virtual Reality Headsets like HTC Vive, Gear VR and Oculus Rift are only supported when Virtual Reality Supported is selected in the Player Settings-Other Settings (Unity 5, 2012.1) or Player Settings-XR Settings (Unity 2012.2 and higher). If Virtual Reality Supported

Head Target

Controllers Depending on the selected Inputs in Humanoid Control, a number of Controllers are available for the Head Target. These can be individually enabled or disabled to suit your needs. For example you can disable head tracking using Kinect while

Hand Target

Controllers Steam VR Controller Vive Tracker Oculus Touch controller Perception Neuron Leap Motion Intel RealSense Microsoft Kinect Razer Hydra Sub Targets Thumb and Finger Curl The current curl value of the thumb and/or fingers is found here. It is possible

Hips Target

Controllers Vive Tracker Microsoft Kinect Perception Neuron  

Foot Target

Controllers Vive Tracker Microsoft Kinect Perception Neuron Configuration Bones For Mecanim compatible avatars, the correct bones are detected automatically. For other avatars, the correct bone Transforms have to be assigned manually using the Bone parameters. It is also possible to


Animations can be used when other trackers are not tracking or not available. They can be enabled using the Animator option in the Input section of the Humanoid Control script. By default, the animator uses a builtin procedural animation. This


Humanoid can be put in certain poses, which can be shared between humanoids. Hand Poses and Facial Expressions are specific poses which use the same implementation. The Humanoid Pose can determine the pose of the whole humanoid. Use A humanoid

Controller Input

Setup The Controller Input script can be used to assign functions to various controller and keyboard input events. Controllers When Controller Type is set to anything but Keyboard, you can assign controller buttons to certain functions. Controller input is split


Humanoid Control provides an easy universal way to attach script functions to events and statuses. This is used for Controller Input, Hand Input and Foot Input. Input Type The first thing to select is what type of input handling you

Interaction, EventSystem and UI

Unity provides an great event system which can be used to interact with a scene. This solution is particularly useful for UI interfaces. Humanoid Control provide extensive and flexible support for the event system using the Interaction module. The interaction

Unity and Photon Networking

With Humanoid Control you can extend your scene to a multiplayer environment very easily. Setup In the Humanoid Preferences you can select which networking package you want to use. Go to Edit Menu->Preferences->Humanoid->Networking Support and select the desired networking package.