Controller Input


The Controller Input script can be used to assign functions to various controller and keyboard input events.

View Controller Type This selects which controller type is showed. This setting has no effect on the working of the Controller Input. It helps to determine how the actions are assigned to buttons or various supported controllers. Controller Type Keyboard is special because that enables you to assign keyboard key presses to function calls instead of controller buttons.
Finger Movements This enables a built-in support for finger movements from the controller buttons.


When Controller Type is set to anything but Keyboard, you can assign controller buttons to certain functions. Controller input is split into a left and right side. For some controllers, this corresponds to the left or right controller (e.g. SteamVR or Oculus Touch controllers). For game controllers like the Xbox Controller, this corresponds to the left and right side of the gamepad.

Note that all controllers use the assignment and setting the Left Vertical Input for one controller also changes the Left Vertical input for all other controllers. Inputs on the same line of the editor of each controller are the same.

The first field is the event type which determines when the function is called:

None (or empty) the function will never be called.
Start the function is called when the button is pressed down.
End the function is called when the button is released.
Active the function is called while the button is pressed.
Inactive the function is called while the button is not pressed.
Change the function is called when the button is pressed down or released.
Always the function is continuously called independent from the button state.

For each controller input you can then select different targets:

-Empty- No function is assigned to this input.
Animator When an animator controller is selected in Humanoid Control component you will be able to change the Animation Parameters to trigger state changes in the Animation State Machine.
PlayMaker (only available when PlayMaker is present in the project) Will send an event to the FSM state machine attached to the Humanoid.
GameObject Calling functions on other GameObjects.
Humanoid Functions which work on the humanoid avatar as a whole like walking around and rotating.
Head or Hands Functions which work on the targets like rotating the head or changing the pose of the hand.

Humanoid Control functions are described here:

Information on how to set the input parameters can be found on the Input page.