Noitom Hi5 Glove (beta)

The Noitom Hi5 Glove provides hand and finger tracking with rotational sensors. It can be combined with other tracking systems to add detailed hand tracking.


Humanoid Control

The Hi5 glove is supported in Humanoid Control Pro version 3.3 and higher.


The Hi5 glove without additional tracking hardware will only provide rotational hand tracking. For additional positional hand tracking HTC Vive Trackers are needed.

Other combinations may work, but are currently not tested or supported.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit.


Hi5 Support needs to be enabled in the Preferences: Edit Menu – Preferences – Humanoid – Hi5 Support


To enable hand tracking with the Noitom Hi5 glove for a humanoid Hi5 needs to be enabled in the Humanoid Control component:

Hand Target

You can enable or disable Hi5 glove tracking for each hand separately on the Hand Target.

The Skeleton is a reference to the GameObject in the scene representing the tracked hand. This GameObject is a child of the Real World GameObject. The Skeleton is rendered when Show Skeletons is enabled in the Settings of the Humanoid Control component.

HTC Vive Trackers

When using the Hi5 Glove in combination with the HTC Vive Trackers you first have to make sure that the Trackers are setup as described on the support page of the HTC Vive Trackers for Humanoid Control.

On the Hand Target make sure that Vive Tracker is enabled and that the Bone for the Vive Tracker is set to Hi5 Glove. This Bone setting will ensure that the Vive Tracker will be positioned as it is attached to the mount on Hi5 Glove.

It is still possible to use a custom position of the Vive Tracker by setting the Bone to a different setting and positioning the Vive Tracker relative to the avatar in the Scene View.


Orientation Calibration

As the Noitom Hi5 Glove only provides relative rotational tracking it is necessary to calibrate the rotation with additional tracking system like OpenVR. For this we do not use the standard Noitom calibration process using the B pose and P pose. Instead we have an alternative calibration process which runs automatically.

The hand orientation is automatically calibrated when the hands are along the body with the fingers pointing towards the floor. As this is done automatically in the background it can also cope with changes in the magnetic field. Besides that it is not necessary to perform a calibration sequence every time the gloves are used.

So when the hand orientation looks wrong just instruct the user to stand upright with the hands alongside the body with the fingers pointing downward and the orientation should be corrected.

Finger Pose Calibartion

When the finger poses do not look correct you should press the button on the glove while the hand is full open or stretched. This will correct the finger orientation to a proper pose.