Vive Face/Eye Tracking (Pro)

Facial tracking can be used in Humanoid Control Pro using the HTC Vive Facial Tracking. It is tested only for the HTC Vive Pro, but there are rumours that it can be used with other SteamVR compatible headset too.

The Vive Eye tracking is only available and support for the HTC Vive Pro Eye.


Humanoid Control

HTC Vive Face and/or Eye Tracking are supported in Humanoid Control Pro v3.4 and higher


Unity 2020.1 or higher is recommended.


Face tracking requires the HTC Vive Facial Tracker.

Eye tracking requires the HTC Vive Pro Eye headset.


The facial tracking requires the Unity XR setup as is described here.

In the Configuration section, make sure the facial bones/blendshapes of your avatar are recognized correctly by Humanoid Control.

Additionally the Vive Eye and Facial Tracking SDK version or higher is required for either facial or eye tracking. You just need to import it in the project, no additional setup is necessary.

When the SDK is imported and Humanoid Control with Unity XR is enabled on you avatar you will find two additional options in the Head Target:

Enable Vive Face and/or Eye Tracking, depending on you needs and available hardware. No further setup is necessary.


At runtime you will see status information about the face and eye tracking:

  • Unavailable: The headset does not support face or eye tracking
  • Present: Face or eye tracking is supported, but not currently active
  • Tracking: The Face or eyes are currently being tracked.

Facial Tracker Brace

Shortly after I got my Vive Facial Tracker I found that it de-attached quite quickly from my headset because I often place my headset such that it rested on the facial tracker.

So I designed a brace for the Vive Facial Tracker which keeps it firmly attached to the headset.

Prototype Vive Facial Tracker brace

If you find this useful, you can download the STL model.

Just print two mirrored copies of the brace and and attach them together (I used transparent sticky tape for this) to get a full brace.