Vive Hand Tracking

Vive Hand Tracking supports hand tracking on HTC Vive headsets.


Humanoid Control

Vive Hand Tracking is supported in Humanoid Control Plus and Pro.


Unity 2017.4 LTS or higher is required.


HTC Vive headsets like Vive Pre, Vive Pro and normal Vive are supported.
HTC Vive Pro 2 is untested, but may work.


Vive Hand tracking requires the OpenVR setup as described here.

Additionally, the Vive Hand Tracking SDK version 0.9 or higher is required. You can download it here: Vive Hand Tracking SDK. WIth the current Vive Hand Tracking SDK (v1.0.0) OpenXR does not seem to work. We hope this will be fixed soon.

The Unitypackage found in the SDK needs to be imported in the project. The package is detected automatically. When is has been recognized, an additional Hand Tracking option should appear in the Humanoid Control component under the OpenVR device:

With this checkbox, the hand tracking can be enabled. No further setup is necessary.