Hand Input

The Hand Input script can be used to assign functions to various status events. It is possible to call functions on the components of GameObjects, to change parameters of the Humanoid Animator or to trigger PlayMaker events.

Information on the use of there inputs can be found on the Input page.


Four events have been implemented for hand input. They are related to the touching and grabbing of objects.

  • Touch This is true when the hand is touching a collider. In that case the Touched Object in the Hand Target is non zero and can be used to determine which object is touched.
  • Grab When the hand is holding an Rigidbody, this event is true. In that case the Grabbed Object property of the Hand Target is not equal to null and can be used to determine which object is grabbed.

Hand Pose

Humanoid Control is able to determine the pose of a hand. This can be used to do certain actions when the hand is in a specific pose.

For each Hand Pose it is possible to execute multiple functions or other actions using the mechanism described in Input.

Controller Input

This section is a copy of the Controller Input settings, limited to applicable hand.