Hand Pose

Hand poses are specific Poses for the hand and fingers which can be used to show and mix realistic hand poses.

Humanoid Control comes with a number of predefined hand poses found in Asset/Humanoid/Poses/Hand, but it is possible to change these or by creating your own.

Adding and setting poses

Zero or more poses can be used for an hand. New poses are added by selecting a pose in the last, empty slot of the Hand Pose list. Poses are deleted when the slot is cleared and set to None (Pose).


Hand poses can be selected and mixed using the sliders or by using the function SetHandPose(HandPose pose, float weight). All poses will be mixed using averaging. The total of all hand poses weight will always be 1. Note that this differs from blend shapes which are combined in an additive way.

If a new hand pose is set with a weight smaller than 1, the weight for the old hand pose combination is decreased by ratio such that the total weight is 1 again.

Creating poses

A new pose can be created in the project window by right-clicking and selecting Create->Humanoid->Pose.

This pose will be an empty pose which has no effect on the pose of an humanoid.

Editing poses

Poses can be edited in the scene view by pressing the button at the right of the pose entry:

When this button is selected, it is possible to change the pose directly in the scene view:

In the scene view you will see handles for each bone which can be used to rotate each bone to the desired pose. An handle can be selected by clicking on it

This will show the name of the bone an an rotation tool which enables you to rotate the bone.

When the edit mode is ended by clicking the button again, the altered hand pose is stored and can be used.