Head Target

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Depending on the selected Inputs in Humanoid Control, a number of Controllers are available for the Head Target. These can be individually enabled or disabled to suit your needs. For example you can disable head tracking using Kinect while still have body tracking on other parts of the body.

First Person Camera

When this controller is enabled, a camera will be attached to the head of the avatar at eye level. When virtual reality is enabled, the camera will be controlled by the headset.

The location of the camera on the head can be changed in the scene view. The position will be reset to the eyes location when the First Person Camera is disabled and enabled again.

Other controllers

See the list of supported devices to get information on the head target of each device.

Sub Targets (Pro)

Sub targets are used in combination with facial tracking. Depending on the tracking device, additional facial target can be tracked and used.

When the microphone has been enabled, the Audio Energy will show the received volume of sound.


Configuration is used in combination with facial tracking.

Expressions (Pro)

In Humanoid Control Pro, facial expressions can be defined and set. For more information see Facial Expressions.

Focus Object (Pro)

This is the object the humanoid is looking at. With eye tracking, this is determined from the detected gaze direction, without eye tracking a raycast from the eyes is used in the forward direction of the head.


Collision FaderAdds a screen fader which blacks out the camera when the head enters objects.


Tracking EventUse to call functions based on the tracking status of the headset.
Audio EventUse to call functions based on the audio level measured with the microphone.
In Collider EventUse to call functions based on the state of the head being inside colliders.


  • Add Interaction Pointer Adds a gaze interaction pointer to the head target. See Interaction Pointer. For more information about interaction see Interaction, Event System and UI.
  • Add Teleporter Adds a preconfigured gaze interaction pointer to the head target which can teleport the avatar by pointing to new positions. See Teleporter.