Face Expressions (Pro)

Face expressions are preconfigured configurations of the facial bones which can be used to show and mix realistic facial expressions.

Humanoid Control provides 11 preconfigured expressions. More expressions can be added using the Add New Pose button.


Expressions can be selected and mixed using the sliders or by using the function SetExpression(HandPose pose, float weight). All expressions will be mixed using averaging. The total of all hand poses weight will always be 1. Note that this differs from blend shapes which are combined in an additive way.

If a new face expression is set with a weight smaller than 1, the weight for the old expression combination is decreased by ratio such that the total weight is 1 again.

Editing expressions

Face expressions can be edited in the scene view by enabling Set for an expression.

Reset Expression can be used to reset all facial bones to the predefined pose or the neutral expression for custom expressions.

In the scene view you will see an handle for each bone which can be used to set it to the desired pose. A handle can be selected by clicking on it. This will show the name of the bone and will enable you to change its position.

Additionally, you can change the rotation or scale for each bone by selecting the Rotation or Scale tool from the Unity toolbar.

When Set is deselected, the altered expression is stored and can be used