Photon Bolt


Photon Bolt support requires Humanoid Control v3 or higher.


In order to use Photon Bolt in your project. You need to import and setup the Photon Bolt package first from the asset store.

After this, go to the Edit Menu->Preferences. Humanoid Control will check the availability of the package and the Photon Bolt option should appear in the Networking Support property:

When Photon Networking is selected for Networking Support, networking support components like the Networking Starter and Networking Transform should adapt automatically to Photon Networking.

Bolt Setup

To support Humanoid Control, a Bolt State Asset needs to be added to the project. Go to the Bolt Menu->Assets, right-click in the new Bolt Assets window and select ‘New State’:

Name this new State ‘HumanoidState’. No additional settings need to be done.

Now select Bolt Menu->Compile Assemble to ensure that this new state becomes available.

Next in your project Window navigate to Assets/Humanoid/Prefabs/Networking/Resources/ and select HumanoidPlayer.prefab. In the Bolt Entity component of the prefab, set the State to IHumanoidState:

Now everything is setup to get Humanoid Control working with Photon Bolt. You can try out the Grocery Store Networking demo scene to test it yourself.

Grabbing Objects

Each object which can be picked up by a humanoid should have a BoltEntity with a set State. If this is not present, an error will be raised and the remote humanoid will not grab the object.

Due to limitations in the Bolt package, it is not possible to automatically add an Bolt Entity to each object in the Grocery Store Networking scene. These should be added manually.

Networking Starter

When using Photon Bolt, the Networking Starter component has the following options:

Auto StartStarts networking automatically when the scene starts.
Player PrefabThe prefab which will be spawned across the network. For Humanoid Control this is typically the HumanoidPlayer prefab.
RoleWhether the networking should start as a Host (= Bolt Server) or Client.
Send RateThe number of network updates per second used to update the pose of the humanoids.