The Real World

An important part of the Humanoid Control component is called Real World. All objects inside this GameObject are representations of real-world objects. They can be made visible using the Show Real Objects setting of the Humanoid Control component.

Tracker Objects

One of the most important real world objects are the Tracker Objects. These are things like the Leap Motion or Kinect camera or Oculus Touch controllers.

Some tracker object positions are detected automatically:

  • Oculus Sensors
  • Lighthouse lasers
  • Razer Hydra controllers
  • SteamVR controllers
  • Oculus Touch controllers
  • Headsets like Rift, Vive and GearVR

Other tracker objects positions are only detected automatically in specific cases:

  • Kinect camera: when an headset is tracking an Kinect is tracking the head
  • Leap Motion camera: when the camera is head mounted

In all other cases it is suggested to place the tracker objects at the right positions manually. You can do this but moving the tracker object like the Leap Motion Camera to the location which matches the location in the real world. For instance, my Leap Motion camera is currently placed at my desk at a height of 73 cm from the floor and 55 cm in front of me. The local position of the Leap Motion Camera should therefore be set to 0, 0.73, 0.55.

Other real world objects

You are free to add other real world objects yourself to the Real World. For instance, you can add a model of the table on which the Leap Motion is placed or add a tripod as a child of the Kinect camera. This will show up in the virtual scene and can help to orientate yourself.