Scene Manager

The scene manager can be used to synchronize scene changes with humanoid across a network.


The Scene Manager script can be found in Assets/Humanoid/Scripts/Tools are can be attached to an (empty) GameObject.

Initially, the scene manager can have no Scene. It does not have any fields which can be changed, because the scenes are controlled by the Build Settings.

Build Settings

The scenes managed by the Scene Manager are set using the Build Settings which can be accessed in the File Menu->Build Settings.

You can add the currently opened scene by pressing the Add Open Scenes button or you can drag scenes from the Project Window into the Scenes In Build area.

Scenes can be deleted by selecting the in the Scenes In Build Area and then press Delete on the keyboard.

The information in the Scene Manager will be updated when it has been deselected and selected again in the Hierarchy Window:

It has the following parameters:

Scenes The list of scenes from the Build Settings.
Current Scene The build index of the current scene. Can be higher than the number of scenes if the current scene is not in the list of scenes.
Don’t Destroy on Load Will prevent the scene manager from being destroyed when the scene changes.