The Humanoid Telegrabber enables humanoids to grab objects which are normally out of reach for the hands. It is a specific implementation of an Interaction Pointer.


Telegrabbing can be attached to the Hand Targets. The easiest way to do this is to drop the Telegrabber prefab on either Hand Target.

The location and orientation of the telegrabber needs to be adjusted for the right results. The ray or capsule should not overlap with the hand colliders to prevent grabbing your own hands. This can be achieved by adjusting the position of the Telegrabber Transform. The orienation of the telegrabbing ray can be adjusted by changing the orientation of the Telegrabber Transform.

As the telegrabber is an interaction pointer, it needs to be activated and clicked to work. While it is activated, potential objects to grab are identified by casting a ray or sphere from the hand. When it is clicked, the grabbing takes place. Grabbing can be done automatically at activation by setting the Timed Click value to a small value.


As the telegrabber is an Interaction Pointer, the configuration of it is the same as the Interaction Pointer.