Teleport Target

The Humanoid Teleport Target provides more control to where a player can teleport than the basic Teleporter and can be used in combination with a generic Interaction Pointer.


The Humanoid Teleport Target can be placed on a static or moving Rigidbody object with a collider. It has been implemented as a Event Trigger and will teleport when an PointerDown event is received.

It has the following parameters:

Transform To Teleport if it is set this transform will be teleported. If it is not set the transform connected to the Interaction Pointer will be teleported.
Teleport Root if this is enabled the root of the transform (the topmost transform) will be teleported instead of the transform itself.
Check Collision if enabled this will check if the location to which the pointer is pointing contains a collider. Teleporting will only take place if no collider has been found. The check is executed using a capsule of 2 meters/units high and 0.2 meters/units radius.
Movement Type determines how the Transform is moved to the Target Point. Teleport = direct placement a the target point. Dash = a quick movement is a short time from the originating point to the target point.
Pose is an optional Pose of the Humanoid after it has been teleported. This enables you to teleport to a different pose like a seating pose for instance.
Enable Foot Animator This will enable or disable the foot animator after teleporting. For poses like seating a walking foot animation is not required. In such cases the foot animator can be switch off with this setting.

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