Upgrade Humanoid Control from version 3 to 4

The package structure of Humanoid Control version 4 has been rearranged such that everything is now under a single Passer map in your project. Next to that, the Pawn Control code has been removed as that has been replaced by the new Humanoid Control Free edition.

This has the consequence that you cannot simply import Humanoid Control 4 in your Humanoid 3 project. It is best to take the following steps


Step 1: Make sure your code is safe

In the next step, the folder Assets/Humanoid and Assets/PawnControl will be removed. Make sure this folder does not contain any of your own code. Move your own code to a separate folder so that will not be removed.

Step 2: Remove Humanoid Control v3 code

In your project, remove the folder Assets/Humanoid and Assets/PawnControl completely. If you have placed the Humanoid folder in a different location, you will need to remove it there.

Step 3: Import he Humanoid Control v4 package

Like when you do a normal update, you can import the new version 4 package in the normal way.