Xbox Controller

The Xbox controller does not offer any tracking, but offers a low-cost and widely available alternative.

It can be used in combination with Kinect to get additional input for walking and grabbing objects.

It is also an easy starting point for players having only an Oculus Rift, enabling them to walk around and grab objects.

Last but not least it offers an familiar way of controlling the avatar in a traditional screen based setup, which is enabled when the Oculus Rift is not available.



Xbox controllers are supported in InstantVR Free and Advanced version 1.0 and higher.

The script IVR_Traditional should be added to the character’s GameObject.


Microsoft Xbox original, 360 and One controllers compatible with Windows are supported. Other game controllers compatible with the Xbox controller may also be supported.

Most other controllers may work partially.

Operating System

The Xbox controller is only supported on Windows. Other controllers may partialy work on Windows.

Bluetooth controllers work on Android, but only when the controller configuration matches the Xbox controller. Other controllers may work partially.


Unity 5.1.2f1 or higher is supported.


To support the Xbox controller, you have to add two entries in the InputManager. You can open this from the Edit – Project Settings – Input menu option. The necessary values can be found in the picture on the right.



All tracking of other controllers can be recalibrated by pressing Back and Start simultaneously.

Hand Movements

Left Hand
Thumbleft trigger
Index fingerleft bumper
Middle fingerleft trigger
Ring fingerleft trigger
Little fingerleft trigger
Right Hand
Thumbright trigger
Index fingerright bumper
Middle fingerright trigger
Ring fingerright trigger
Little fingerright trigger

Other Movements

Walkingleft analog stick forward/backward
Sidestepping or character rotation*left analog stick left/right. * = Depends on the settings in the IVR_Walking and IVR_HipAnimator script.
Head Rotationright analog stick left/right. Only when IVR_TraditionalHead is active for the head Target.