The keyboard/mouse combination is the default controller which is used when no other controller is available. Similar to the Xbox controller, it does not provide any tracking and it only provides the basic body movements.



Mouse/keyboard input is supported in InstantVR Free and Advanced version 1.0 and higher.

The script IVR_Traditional should be added to the character’s GameObject.



The Tab-key can be used to perform a calibration for any available tracker.

Hand Movements

Left Hand

The left hand cannot be controlled

Right Hand
Index fingerleft mouse button
Middle fingerright mouse button
Ring fingerright mouse button
Little fingerright mouse button

Other Movements

Walking‘w’-key = forward — ‘s’-key = backward
Sidestepping‘a’-key = left — ‘d’-key = right
Body Rotation
Controller Input‘a’-key = left — ‘d’-key = right
Head Rotationmouse movements. Only when no tracker is selected for the head target.