Tobii Eyetracking

Tobii Eyetracking is supported for head and eye tracking.



Tobii Eyetracking is not supported in InstantVR

Humanoid Control

Tobii Eyetracking is supported in the Humanoid Control Pro package.

  • Tobii Eye Tracker 4C
  • Tobii EyeX (untested)
  • Eye Tracking Laptops and Monitors (untested)
Operating System

Microsoft Windows is required.


For Tobii Eyetracking to work, the Tobii Unity SDK needs to be imported into the project.

Go to Edit Menu->Preferences->Humanoid and look for the Tobii Support entry:

 Click the button to go to the download page for the Tobii SDK.

After the SDK has been imported, Tobii Support can be enabled in the preferences

Disabling Tobii Support ensures that no code related to Tobii EyeTracking is included in the build.

Note: Tobii Eyetracking has to be enabled in the Control panel for tracking to work:


To enable tracking with the Tobii eyetracker for an avatar, Tobii needs to be enabled in the Humanoid Control component.

The Tobii (Transform) is a reference to the Transform in the scene representing the Tobii Tracker. This GameObject is found as a child of the Real World GameObject and is only visible in the scene when Humanoid Control->Settings->Show Real Objects has been enabled.

The Tobii (Transform) can be used to set the position of the tracking relative to the player in the scene.

Head Target

Head and eye tracking can be enabled separately on the head target.

Two options are available for rotational head tracking:

  • XY: which only rotates the head around the X and Y axis and therefore keeps the horizon horizontal
  • XYZ: full three degrees of freedom tracking.

In both options, full positional tracking of the head within the range of the camera is supported.