InstantVR Advanced

The advanced version of InstantVR supports the following input controllers:

Additional features


To use InstantVR you need an environment first. The minimum is a flat terrain with a directional light, but you can make it as complex as you want with lots of meshes, rigidbodies and colliders. You are only bound by the limits of Unity and the computer used to drive the game.

You should not include a camera of other first or third person objects in your game. This is fully handles by InstantVR.

Then you should include the InstantVR package which you can download from this site.

To complete the scene you should drag one of the prefabs named ‘MH_…’ from the folder InstantVR into your scene.

Now you can press play and walk around your wonderful environment.


Limited real walking is possible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Microsoft Kinect.

Additional walking around using button input is implemented with the InputHandler script.

Grabbing objects

It is possible to grab any non-kinematic rigidbody with your hands.

Additionally some objects may have Handles attached which predetermine a position and orientation of that object when it is grabbed. This ensures that a sword or gun is always in the right position and orientation when it is grabbed. The range of the handle determines the working range of the handle. If the object is grabbed outside the range of the handle, the normal grabbing functionality is used. This enables you to grab a sword at the cutting end if you want.