Including the avatar

The easiest way to setup a VR implementation is to include one of the prefabs offered in the package. Alternatively you can use your own avatar in the scene. This page will explain what is needed to use your own avatar.

Requirements for the avatar

You should ensure that your avatar has a well formed rig. The script uses the bone structure derived in the Unity Mecanim rig to find the correct bones to move around. Check the rig as follows:

  • In the prefab, select the ‘Rig’ tab. Ensure the ‘Animation Type’ is set to ‘Humanoid’.
  • Ensure ‘Optimize Game Objects’ is deselected.
  • Click ‘Configure…’ RigTab4_3
  • Ensure that the following bones are correctly mapped:
    • Body: Hips, Spine
    • Left Arm: Upper Arm, Lower Arm & Hand
    • Right Arm: Upper Arm, Lower Arm & Hand
    • Left Leg: Upper Leg, Lower Leg & Foot
    • Right Leg: Upper Leg, Lower Leg & Foot
    • Head: Neck

If you need to grab objects with the alternative avatar you can add colliders to the hand and fingers manually. For the thumb, the intermediate joint should at least be used for a collider. For the fingers the proximal joint should at least have a collider.

The avatar needs to have the same sizes and proportions as the standard avatar. Using small or giant avatars will result in strange body moments.

The avatar should face in the forward direction of the root transform. Other directions will result in twisted poses.