Hand Controller

Implements the handling of the hand input from the various input controllers. This functions should be set on a target and will update its transform.

Inspector Properties

Body Side Which hand is controlled by this target
Input Low level input values (see also InstantVR – Input)
– Stick Horizontal Analog stick horizontal value
– Stick Vertical Analog stick vertical value
– Stick Button Analog stick press
– Button One First Button pressed
– Button Two Second Button pressed
– Button Three ThirdButton pressed
– Button Four Fourth Button pressed
– Bumper Bumper is pressed
– Trigger Trigger value
– Option Option button pressed
Controller Which controllers are enabled. The order in which they are listed determines the priority. Hydra has the highest priority so will be chosen above all others when it is available.
– Hydra Razer Hydra
– Kinect Microsoft Kinect
#8211; Gamepad Mouse Xbox 360 controller and mouse/keyboard Sensitivity Razer Hydra controller sensitivity

Additional Script Variables

In addition to the inspector properties, the following variables are available for scripts:

activated is the tracking of the target currently active?
virtualHand the Hand Movements script driven by this controller