Pawn Control

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The Pawn Control component gives control to the pawn as a whole. It can be accompanied by a Camera Target and Controller Targets.

Character Controller

Pawn can optionally work together with a Character Controller which then implements the collisions of the Pawn.


Pawn control can have up to three targets which give access to options for tracking devices:

  • Camera Target
  • Left and/or right Controller Target

Game Controller

The selected game controller defines which controller type is currently selected for this pawn. When virtual reality is used, this can be overridden by the controller of the currently loaded VR device.

Controller Input can be handled using optional Controller Input.


Show Real ObjectsShows the tracking devices in the scene. See also The Real World.
Calibrate at StartAutomatically performs an calibration when tracking starts
Don’t Destroy on LoadThis option will make sure that the humanoid is not destroyed when the scene is changed.