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    Pascal Serrarens

    We are happy to announce our next major development step with Humanoid Control version 4.

    Humanoid Visitors and Sites
    With version 4 it is possible to make separate Humanoid Visitors which can browse Humanoid Sites across the internet.
    A Humanoid Visitor is like a internet browser to visit Sites on the internet. Visitors are Unity projects and can therefore be fully customized.
    Humanoid Sites are independent from the Visitors and can be single- and multi-user. With this a open, distributed world of Sites can be created with is very privacy proof.

    A demo is now downloadable from our website.
    This is actually a Humanoid Visitor which can be used to visit a number of demo sites.

    Humanoid Control Free
    With version 4 we also launch a new Free edition of Humanoid Control. This edition is limited to UnityXR and single-user environments.
    With this we hope to make it even easier to create full-body avatar projects and Humanoid Sites which can be visited by people from over the internet for anyone .

    Forum and Support
    We now also have a new forum which can be used to share your experiences, feedback,
    your own sites or you own visitors with others.

    Version 4 is being released step-by-step. The first beta is limited to the Free and VR editors with networking limited to Photon PUN. More support will be added with the next beta releases.
    It is now available for all customers on
    For Asset Store customers:
    For direct customers:

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