Full Body Movement with Razer Hydra and Unity

This weekend I posted a video showing off the recent techniques I have implemented for body movement based on the Razer Hydra (or STEM or any other 1- or 2-point hand tracking system).

The video shows the combination of four techniques:

  • Inverse kinematics for arms. This is described in my article ‘Inverse kinematics for arms in Unity free or indie’. Currently I am still using the free ‘Dogzer’ package from the asset store, but actually I am planning to use my own implementation in the end.
  • Body bending forward as described in my article ‘Bending the body forward based on hand positions’.
  • Body rotation, which is described in the article ‘Body rotation with two handed Razer Hydra and Oculus Rift’.
  • Kneeling, which I haven’t written about yet…

You can obtain a Unity package implementing these techniques from Passer VR or from the Unity Asset Store.