InstantVR Edge users upgrade to Humanoid Control VR+ for free

Until July 31, 2017 users of InstantVR Edge will be able to upgrade their package to the success of InstantVR: Humanoid Control. If you use this opportunity you can use the form at the end of this page.

Humanoid Control

The development of Humanoid Control started a year ago in order to enable features beyond the capabilities of InstantVR. With Humanoid Control we can control every single part of the avatar, controlling every bone in the rig of the avatar. This also allows the support of traditional animations in combination with body tracking and advanced body tracking devices like Vive Trackers, Perception Neuron and Optitrack. Even custom avatars which do not match the Mecanim rig can be used by assigning bones manually.

The user interface of Humanoid Control has been completely redesigned with easy of use as the primary goal. You can enable or disable your favorite tracking devices on the full avatar or on body parts and use important features like physics can user interface interaction directly. Last but not least, multiplayer support has been made even better: one Humanoid Control prefab can be used to spawn across the network, for multiplayer with Kinect or multiple game controllers.

Humanoid Control is now also very useful besides virtual reality: traditional third-person or first-person games can be created much easier with Humanoid Control. The new Controller Input support which supports actions without programming. The Unity Animator is now fully supported and animations can now be combined with physics to achieve realistic results.

Humanoid Control VR+

The Humanoid Control VR+ package supports a similar device set as InstantVR Edge did: VR devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard are supported. Next to that we added support for Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion. Of course full physics and multiplayer support are included in Humanoid Control VR+.

You will be able to extend the functionality of Humanoid Control VR+ with extensions for devices like the Vive Trackers or Perception Neuron. More exciting options will follow later!


This promotion has ended. End date was 31 July, 2017.