InstantVR v1.1.0 adds Oculus Rift support for Unity Free

Last week, Oculus released SDK 0.4.3. This SDK includes Rift support for Unity Free. The new version 1.1 of InstantVR implements this SDK and adds a number of other improvements. This version comes in the InstantVR Free and InstantVR Advanced implementation variants.

Apart from the Unity Free support a number of features have been added:

  • You can select which controllers you want to allow for targets. This is convenient for instance if you want to drive the hand targets in a different way than with controllers.
  • It is now possible to throw objects away.

A full overview of the changes can be found in the release notes.

Besides that I have merge the code of InstantVR Free and Advanced. This means that version 1.1 of InstantVR will have a Free and Advanced implementation. The Free version focuses on walking and looking around and targets solutions using the Oculus Rift only. The Advanced version adds full body movements and interactive hands. The latter version also includes body movements supporting the DK2 positional tracking and Razer Hydra support.

I am now working working hard to finish Microsoft Kinect support for InstantVR Advanced and physical drift correction. Especially the latter will significantly improve the experience because it basically enables you to walk around physically (within the limits of cables and available space of course). Keep watching this space!

Existing customers can go to the purchases page and download the latest version from there. New customors can use these links: