Humanoid Sites

(Humanoid Control v4 preview)

A new way to explore the virtual world. Browse internet sites with your Humanoid Visitor or build sites for others.

  • Open for anybody who knows how to use Unity
  • No privacy sensitive information is collected
  • No programming required
  • Start creating sites for free using Pawn Control v4 (to be released)
  • Develop you own personal humanoid:
    • Obtain new avatars
    • Collect possessions
    • Maintain your favourite sites
    • Go to sites together with your friends
    • For free

Humanoid Sites are still in Alpha test stage, so:

  • It still may contain bugs
  • No all features are included yet
  • We are open for you feedback!

For more interactive information about this, see the forum.

Get your Humanoid Visitor here

User Manual


The following controller input can be used (depending on the controller type);

Left thumb stickwalk around
Right touchpad pressInteraction pointer, will click objects when released
Grip buttonPointing hand pose
Trigger buttonClosed hand
Left Menu buttonOpen menu
Right ‘A’ buttonInteraction pointer, use Trigger button to click on objects


The menu has the following options

HomeGo to you home site (currently fixed to
SitesYour favourite sites
PossessionsYour possessions (including avatars)
CalibrateCalibrate the Humanoid to yourself
ExitQuit the application


The following demo sites are currently available on


A start site with a column:

  • A list of links to the other demo sites

Object Table

A testing scene for grabbing objects with different properties

Shooting Range

Shoot the blocks on the wall using the gun or pump-action shotgun.

The gun will need a gun clip attached to work.

The shotgun should be grabbed two-handed and the slider should be pulled back to reload a new bullet.

Social Space

A place where you can (pretend to) drink coffee with other humanoids.

This is a multiplayer site, so when more people come to this site at the same time, they will see each other (no voice chat yet though).

Avatar Shop

A place where you can try new avatars. You can put them on by moving into them using walking or teleporting using the interaction pointer.

When you have changed the avatar, it will automatically be added to your possessions so you van change them again at a later time.