Humanoid Control Pro

The Pro edition of Humanoid Control provides extensive support for interactive character control.

  • Real time full body control using motion capture systems like Perception Neuron and OptiTrack systems
  • Sensor fusion for all tracking option, resulting the the most optional results
  • Facial tracking with depth cameras like Kinect V2 and Intel RealSense
  • Eye tracking with Tobii or Intel RealSense cameras
  • Support for all major Virtual Reality devices including HTC Vive with Trackers, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Cardboard/Daydream
  • Multi-user support with Kinect, Perception Neuron and networked setups.
  • Full physics support on all movements, including animations
  • Support for GUIs using gaze, point of touch interaction

Supported devices

  • OptiTrack
  • Tobii Eye Tracker 4C
  • Perception Neuron
  • Microsoft Kinect V2
  • Intel RealSense R200/F200/SR300
  • Razer Hydra
  • Leap Motion
  • Oculus Rift & Touch
  • HTC Vive + Trackers
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard/Daydream