Release Notes v2.0

Version 2.0.7

  • Fixed synchronization with SteamVR multiplayer
  • Fixed throwing of objects
  • Leg rotation fix when Hips Target is selected
  • Character colliders are no longer created when physics is off
  • Head Target can fly away in some situations
  • Corrected the label ‘Collision Check’ on the Teleport Target
  • Fixed Kinect legs not tracking when animation is enabled

Version 2.0.6

  • Fixed collisions with trigger colliders
  • Tracking devices stop working when a humanoid is deleted
  • Fixed Oculus Touch tracking

Version 2.0.5

  • Added Orbbec Astra model in Real Objects
  • Teleport Target, added teleport root
  • Added Scene Manager
  • Added Scene Starting Point
  • Improved hand stability when touching objects
  • Microphone Head script incompatibilty with Unity 2018.1 and higher
  • Interaction pointer click
  • Interaction pointer Bezier/Gravity accuracy
  • dll x86/x86_64 platform settings fixed
  • Interaction Raycast error in console when hovering
  • Prevent grabbing 2D objects like UI elements
  • Prevent grabbing otherHand
  • Prevent grabbing own headFixed twisted neck

Version 2.0.4

  • Added Networking Debug output setting in HumanoidPun/Unet components
  • Reduced Network bandwidth for Photon
  • Added Calibration button in Humanoid Control inspector
  • Added check on Remote Avatar being in Resources folder
  • Added check on SteamVR/Oculus SDK enabled in Unity
  • Improved Networking
  • (Pro) Fixed camera sometimes recognized as a facial bone
  • Improved calibration
  • Improved Leap Motion camera position
  • Improved Vive Tracker position detection
  • Hips Animator overrides tracking
  • Kinect arms and hips not tracking
  • Kinect chest orientation
  • (Pro) Fixed strange jaw positions

Version 2.0.3

  • SteamVR now recognizes left/right controllers for Oculus and Mixed Reality
  • Interaction now provides pointerCurrentRaycast info for physics interaction
  • Changed SteamVR Menu button from Controller.Option to Controller.ButtonOne
  • Added beta Pupil Labs eye tracking support (Pro)
  • Added beta Orbbec tracking support (VR Plus & Pro)
  • New Spine IK (beta, check Hips Target with Inspector in Debug mode)
  • Walking animation with leg crossing prevention
  • Face bone position for bones not parented to the head or jaw bones
  • InteractionPointer only clicks once
  • Face gaze direction
  • Solved build errors for UWP platform
  • Changing avatars
  • Fixed Leap Motion put on camera when VR is disabled
  • Debouncing of touch events
  • Selection of PlayMaker events in the Input components
  • Fixed SteamVR Controller haptics
  • Fixed PlayMaker Events
  • Improved two-handed grab
  • Improved Mixed Reality tracking

Version 2.0.1

  • Drawing of Target rig
  • Arm Joint limitations in editor
  • Non-stretching arms in editor
  • Invalid cast error for Kinect
  • Error with Kinect disabled with Face Tracking
  • Error with OptiTrack disabled
  • Disabled the (still) useless animation options on head target
  • Leap Motion camera is always on first person camera

Version 2.0.0

  • New Hand Pose
  • New joint limitations
  • Avatar posing in the editor
  • Bezier ray interaction
  • (Pro) New Face Expressions
  • (Pro) OptiTrack rigidbody target tracking