Release Notes v2.2

New Features v2.2

  • Valve Index / SteamVR Knuckles support
  • Oculus Quest support

Version 2.2.6

  • SteamVR OpenVR API compatibility
  • SteamVR OpenVR v1 vibration
  • Arm orientation with strechted arms
  • Preferences stability in Unity 2018.3+
  • Kinect 2 nullpointer error in AddTracker
  • Avatar lifted off floor when HC script is added
  • Interacion pointer selecting object in focus
  • Added PreventArmStretch hidden setting
  • Improved leg animation
  • Head RotationX using max head angle

Version 2.2.5

  • Oculus Go wrong humanoid head position
  • Leap Motion accuracy
  • Avatar stability in the Editor
  • Kinect 2 nullpointer fix
  • Overstretch protection Perception Neuron fingers
  • OpenVR API rename to pevent merge with SteamVR SDK OpenVR API
  • Finger movements stop working after letting go handle with pose
  • Head pose not working fix
  • Foot pose stability fix
  • Photon PUN2 ownership fix
  • Objects can no longer be pulled from remote humanoids
  • Head mounted Leap Motion follows head target in editor
  • Added hidden setting to disable foot physics
  • Added support for dummy joints to prevent rigidbody destruction
  • UI Button stays selected when InteractionPointer is deactivated
  • Wrong scale for multiple ‘Scale Avatar to Tracking’
  • Cleanup of OpenVR in Real World
  • Added Vive Tracker hardware Id

Version 2.2.4

  • Fixed grabbedobject dropping for late joining players
  • Removed Debug.break test code when grabbing without physics
  • Interaction with hinged rigidbodies without physics
  • Fixed Body Pull after grabbing a rigidbody
  • Vive Torso Tracker orientation correction
  • Improved torso pose
  • SteamVR skeletal tracking did not update finger curl
  • Fixed HeadInput events editor
  • Thumb curl detection
  • Double step fix
  • Fix vertical calibration on Quest
  • Support for Mixed Reality thumbsticks on SteamVR with OpenVR 1
  • Added TeleportLocalHumanoid in TeleportTarget
  • Added ColoringInteractionPointer

Version 2.2.3

  • Fixed avatar moving down in editor

Version 2.2.2

  • Hand pose editor now generates side-independent poses
  • Removed unneccesary ‘Grabbed Object does not have NetworkIdentity/PhotonView’
  • Orbbec Astra now uses Forward Kinematics for spine
  • Astra Tracker does not show Tracking
  • Astra rotations not working properly
  • Astra supporting Calibrate at Start
  • ContollerInput missing OpenVR entry
  • Kinect plugins limited to Windows/Standalone
  • Fixed hand stops colliding
  • UnityVR root is no longer reset at scene start
  • Fixed remote avatar movements
  • Improved controller based hand movements
  • Improved Vive Tracker Detection
  • OpenVR torso movements fixed
  • Remote avatar torso movements fixed
  • Fixed remote avatar positions when rotating

Version 2.2.1

  • Oculus tracking without a main camera
  • Oculus Quest Controller Input view added
  • OpenVR now uses a independent copy of the OpenVR API

Version 2.2.0

  • Body pull when humanoid has been rotated
  • collisions with static object with handles
  • Finger curl values
  • Automatic detection of default remote avatar prefab
  • Copy animator root motion to the humanoid
  • Tobii support
  • Optitrack editor trackerId

Version 2.2 beta 5

  • Stability of feet in the editor
  • Targets disappearing with disabled Humanoids
  • Oculus Go/Gear VR touchpad not working
  • Movement with both left and right controller
  • HitNormal is cleared when collision ends
  • Avatar is stuck for a while when colliding
  • High speed falling support
  • Prevent grabbing trigger colliders without physics
  • Enabling VRTK support triggers recompilation
  • VRTK networking humanoid root transform sync
  • Teleporter inactive click fix
  • Added OpenVR SkeletalInput option

Version 2.2 beta 4

  • Merged Humanoid Control 2.1.15 fixes

Version 2.2 beta 3

  • Oculus Android Editor issue
  • Oculus Go/Gear VR controller issue
  • Added Quest Controller models