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Photon scripts can not be loaded
Last Updated 6 years ago

In some cases, Photon scripts are not loaded even though the Photon package is available. You may see warnings like this:

The exact cause for this is not yet clear, but you can solve this in the following way:

You need to open Photon Unity Networking/Plugins/PhotonNetwork/PhotonClasses.cs and go to line 442. Then rename the public class MonoBehaviour using F2 (MonoDevelop) or CTRL-R, CTRL-R (VisualStudio) to MonoBehaviour2 and save. Now everything should work normally again.

Some people report after this that the avatar movements are not synchronized through the network. In that case you should do the following:

1. Select InstantVR/Prefabs/Networking/Resources/MH_VR_Photon
2. In the inspector look at the line below 'Observed Components (1)' in the Photon View script. This will probably show " MH_VR_Photon (Transform)"
3. Then drag the title line of the IVR_Photon Avatar script onto the line with MH_VR_PHoton (Transform). The line should change to MH_VR_Photon (IVR_PhotonAvatar)"
4. Do this on all clients/hosts.

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